Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists with Macros

January 21, 2023

Onetastic 5.8.0 is available with the ability to create bulleted and numbered lists with macros. You can now specify whether a paragraph is a part of a bulleted or a numbered list, along with the bullet type or number sequence and format. Macros support 34 different bullet types and 64 different number sequences which can further be customized with number formats. More information on how to create bulleted and numbered lists and the related properties for Paragraph objects is available at Documentation on Bulleted and Numbered Lists.

To demonstrate use of these new features, TOC in Current Section and TOC in Current Notebook macros are updated with bulleted and numbered list options.

Auto-refresh option for diagnostic tool Show Page XML

An additional feature in this update is the ability to automatically refresh page XML in Show Page XML dialog:

Show Page XML dialog

With this option you can edit the page and have the dialog automatically refresh the XML from the current state of the page every 5 seconds, or you can use the manual Refresh option. This can aid development of macros if you are trying to understand how OneNote represents different content as you change them.

This option is available to active Pro and Dev license users.


JodyRoody - 2023-07-31
Downloaded new Onetastic and then  Calendar
Why do I not have previous years data ?
If I search my hard drives and or clouds for the specific extension will this resolve?   Suggestions? Is there a back up option of which I am unaware?
My Notebooks Sections Pages are a royal mess. Is there a somewhat automated method of re-creating notebooks having a planned structure, searching, save search, move all pages to new notebook (or section) ?  
Structure and maintaining it:
Does any one find that creating, saving, or moving a page can be willy nilly because the place to save is not within the then current visible screen (regardless it be laptop or cell) ? Suggestions?
Windows OneNote seems to allow for maintaining structure better yet I prefer 2016. Is anyone other finding the same, or is there something of which I am not aware ?
I do not comprehend the value or reasoning for using this feature unless for the purpose of archiving?
There are not many articles or videos sharing other's methods of OneTastic usage.  The opportunity is there.
rochak - 2023-02-11
Hi team

I would like to report a bug in the “add comment” macro.  The  description states that the note comment will be to the right of the text that is selected for comment.  This makes sense. But in reality, it doesn’t happen.  When I select a text and click on add comment, the comment box is right at the bottom of the page. There is no link then between the highlighted text and the comment  

Pls help fix the bug
Philippe J. Bruno - 2023-01-27
These are nice additions, especially the Update button on the Show Page XML. While you are at it, why don't you add a Search feature on the Show Page XML as well? For now, the only work around I found is to copy the content to Notepad, search, note where it is in the page, and return to Show Page XML find what I am looking by going approximately where the sought information is.

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