Onetastic allows you to save your favorite pages or sections into a Favorites menu or pin shortcuts to them on your desktop or a folder of your choice. To access these features, click on Pin to Favorites button in Home ribbon tab

Favorites menu

Adding items to the Favorites menu

The menu items Pin this page to Favorites and Pin this section to Favorites will add the current page or the section to this menu and you can navigate to those items in your favorites menu quickly later.

Favorites menu with items pinned

Removing or renaming items in the Favorites menu

If you want to remove or rename any of the the items you added to the Favorties menu, click on the Manage Favorites button at the bottom of the menu and that will open up the folder where these are stored, so you can edit them.

Favorites folder

Creating shortcuts on Desktop

Instead of keeping your frequently used pages or sections in the Favorites menu, you can create shortcuts on your Desktop for them. To use this feature, choose the Pin to Desktop option.

Pin to Desktop

Creating shortcuts in another folder

If you wish to use a folder different than your Desktop, you can click on Browse... and then select a folder and the shortcuts will now be created in that folder instead.

Pin to User Folder

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