Custom Styles Available on Separate Ribbon Tab

And Custom Styles Previews in Dark Mode

December 27, 2022

With Onetastic update 5.7.0, you can now move custom styles to a separate ribbon tab. Until now, custom styles were offered in a gallery in the Home ribbon tab, requiring two-clicks to access them and no way to add them to Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) or customize your ribbon with them.

Custom Styles Gallery in Home Tab

Custom Styles Gallery

Custom Styles Ribbon Tab

Custom Styles Ribbon Tab

With the ability to move them to a separate ribbon tab, you can now:

Here is an example of custom styles added to Quick Access Toolbar, which allows you to use Alt+1 - Alt+9 shortcuts for them: Custom Styles in QAT

You can choose where custom styles show up (or hide them completely) from Tools and Settings > Onetastic Options or click on Display Options button in Custom Styles Dialog.

Dark Mode Previews for Custom Styles

In a previous update, Custom Styles dialog got the dark mode support, but the style previews were in light theme both in the ribbon and in the dialog, making it hard to see how it would look like if you were using dark theme. With the latest update, custom styles now get dark theme previews.

Custom Styles Gallery

Custom styles gallery will now display in dark theme colors if you are using dark mode: Custom Styles Gallery

Custom Styles Dialog

Here is how the custom style dialog displays the preview. Notice also that font color control also displays the correct color as you can now pick colors in dark theme as you see them. Custom Styles Dialog

Custom Styles Ribbon Tab

You can also have the dark previews in the new Custom Styles ribbon tab: Custom Styles Ribbon Tab

If you change OneNote theme, you will need to restart OneNote for the changes to take effect in custom styles.

Use of Automatic Color in Custom Styles

An additional update to the custom styles feature is to allow use of "automatic" color for font and highlight colors. This allows the style to use the default color in OneNote. You can pick "automatic" color from the color pickers in the custom style dialog: Custom Styles Automatic Color

Other Updates

This update also comes with fixes and new features for Batch File Import and OneCalendar.

Batch File Import


Other Fixes


r112 - 2023-02-09
how do i get the custom font bar in my ribbon?
Darryl - 2023-01-04
thanks for the updates. Loving the continued development of Onetastic again now that the future of Onenote is clear (for now at least)
Sam Longley - 2023-01-03
Thanks, I have it working now.  This is WONDERFUL!

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